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I take photos for all pets for everyone!  Please let me know if I can help you keep your memories of your pets by contacting me.

About Me

I have had pets all my life and I know how important it is to have reminders of them.  I wanted to offer that to everyone, to make sure they always have good memories of their favorite animals.   I have always been interested in photography and been an armature photographer for the last 5 years.

Catsnaps saved my precious Donovan before he passed. Now I will be able to always remember him…

Pet Photography Services

On Site

I’m welcome to come to your place and bring my equipment or meet at a location at your choice

At my Studio

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I have lots of props and toys to use to keep your pets entertained and to add to the photos

Family Photos

Bring your family along and I can take photos of you all and your pets!

Pet Packages

photography with props

On Site Photography

Family & Portraits

I can take photos with your family and pets so you will always remebrer them

My Work


Edmonton, AB

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